I. L. Sizova, N. V. Kladova, T. M. Khusiainov. Postgraduate strategies of classical university graduates: the gender aspect pp. 60-68

Students body of the country is obviously its important social and profes-sional potential. That’s why a study of university environment is relevant. One of the important parts of this environment is a graduate school. The most influential Russian universities aspire to preserve their position in the higher education market, correspond to the highest standards of the state and social order economic actors and the labor market in Russia. In this article the authors indicate postgraduate postgraduate strategies of large regional university graduates; among these strategies the most important ones could be the student’s choice of the job, the desire to continue their education, or not work at all. The authors focus on the gender dimension of modern attitudes, values and desires of students. The study was conducted among graduate students of nine faculties and institutes of the Lobachevskiy State University of Nizhniy Novgorod. The authors found that gender-specific professional formation and the choice of post graduate students correlated with aspects of professional mobility and individual identity of the profession.read in PDF>>>