Chilipenok Ju. Ju., Danilova L. S. Women’s blogging as a form of entrepreneurial activity

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.7
The article presents the results of the research aimed at the study of the practices of women’s blogging as a form of entrepreneurial activity. The main method of the research is qualitative (interpretative) content analysis. The object of the analysis is the content of women’s blogs used as a means to generate income. Six Internet platforms on which the activities of blogging are most actively carried out were analyzed: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Having viewed 50 blogs from each social network, the authors were able to identify six main topics of women’s blogs: beauty, sports and a healthy lifestyle, love and relationships, success and harmony in life, cooking, creativity and needlework; beauty-blogs are the most popular. The study identified two main opportunities for earning in Internet blog-ging: 1) selling their own products by advertising them (used by a small number of bloggers producing their own product); 2) promotion and sale of customer goods. This variant seems to be more popular. Possible options for cooperation with partners were determined: participation in partner programs, direct cooperation with the advertiser, promotion of other channels, participation in partner advertising. During the analysis of the amount of possible income, it was noted that it had a direct connection with the number of subscribers to the channel. This factor determines the main risk of this business — loss of interest of the audience. In conclusion, it is stated that women’s blogging is actively popularized, because it combines the possibilities of making an income comparable to that in “traditional business”, the absence of a rigid working schedule and the opportunity to engage in “favorite” business, and despite the need to regulate activity from a legal side, this business has all chances for further successful development.
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