The article considers resources of women's associations social activities, definition of the main problem areas of gender disparities in economy, politics and law. Author‟s case￾study is based upon the experience of All-Russian Public Movement «Social Democratic Union of Women of Russia» and considers the citizen's initiative to install monument in […]

Milovanova M. Yu. Civil initiatives of women's associations: key resources ...

The article analyzes the importance of the social projects of women's organizations in Russia and identifies a number of functions that arise during the implementation of projects as gender education, gender equality, reproduction of historical in PDF>>>

Ovcharova O. G. Project activities of women's organizations: social and ...

In the article the concept of women's civic initiatives is revealed with specific examples classifying women‟s civic initiatives in the social sphere, in politics and in business. The author analyzes the grassroots women‟s initiatives and public platform for community-based initiatives. It attempts to assess the role and importance of women‟s […]

Gnedash А. А. Women's civic initiatives in modern Russia pp.85-92

The period for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for 2000—2015, including the Goal № 3 on gender equality consummation is coming to an end. The article is devoted to the results and prospects of humanity in the context of gender equality. read in PDF>>>

Shvedova N. A. The international community on gender equality pp.32-39