Shvedova N. A. Political parties and gender equality, p.21-30

The democratic nature of parties’ institutions and the nature of the social and political structure determine the urgency of the problems connected with overcoming the alienation of “female factor” in the political life of the country. Unfortunately as part of the democratic process there is resistance to gender equality, which is limited to the typical forms and methods that need to be un-derstood in order to develop strategies aimed at overcoming them. Political par-ticipation of women and the role of political parties in this process require a thoughtful and systematic approach. Objectively, political parties are interested in gender equality and creation of a gender balance at the level of the party leadership and government. However, in practice the opposition to gender imbalance in power requires attention and political will. The author believes that parties have to play their role in achieving the goal of gender equality and justice in the country and society. Of course, such a question is relevant in the framework of the democratic process.
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