Shaikenova Zh. K. Determinants of care economics for the elderly in modern Russia, pp. 102-113

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.3.8
The article is devoted to the analysis of socio-economic factors affecting the dyna¬mics of time spent on care for the elderly people. The research is based on the selective monitoring data on daily time fund usage by the population, conducted by the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation in 2014. The analysis made it possible to identify the indi-vidual characteristics of the respondents, as well as the characteristics of the households in which he/she lives, determining the time that individuals spend on care for the elderly
people. The analysis made it possible to confirm the hypothesis about the significance of such factors as the respondent’s gender, his/her age, health status, employment status, the presence of children and their age, the number of members in the household in which he/she lives. It should be noted that the nature of some of these factors’ influence was unexpected for us: as the analysis showed, there is no evidence of the inherent tendency of women to care for elderly household members. The main providers of care for the elderly were not representatives of the working-age population, but respondents belonging to the older age groups; In addition, respondents with relatively low self-esteem of health, as well as people with chronic diseases
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