Ryazantsev S. V., Sivoplyasova S. Yu., Rostovskaya T. K., Brushkova L. A. Marriage emigration of women from Russia: scale, reasons, features, pp.85-99

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.8
This article deals with trends in women’s marriage migration from Russia after the col-lapse of the Soviet Union. Difficulties of registration of marriage migration are singled out. They are connected with, on the one hand, emigrants wish not to notify the authorities about their intentions, and on the other hand, with the fact that other forms of emigration often lead to marriage emigration. The data of foreign statistics and surveys of experts show that the phenomenon of “Russian wife” became a very common phenomenon on a global scale. The factors and causes of marriage emigration of women from Russia are analyzed in the article. Push and pull factors are highlighted. The first group includes socio-economic and demographic factors. The second group includes subjective-psychological factors. Foreign suitors are attracted by the beauty of Russian women, their complaisance and lack of commitment to the ideas of emancipation. Russian women are attracted by economic status of foreign men, attention to their wife and children.
Authors attempt to estimate the scale and geography of the phenomenon of marriage migration from Russia based on comparative analysis of Russian and foreign statistics. The key directions of emigration of Russian women after the collapse of the USSR are highlighted. They include USA, European countries, and in recent years Asian countries (Japan, Korea, China, Middle East countries) are gaining popularity. The structure and institutions promoting marriage emigration of women and their entry into the international marriage market are determined. Risks associated with the move of women abroad with the purpose of marriage are identified. These risks include involvement in trafficking, sexual and labor exploitation, becoming dependent. The consequences of marriage emigration are identified both for women and for the country as a whole.
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