Rostovskayа T. K., Egorychev A. M., Gulyaev S. B. Expansion of women’s art initiatives in visual arts related to feminism and gender studies, p. 99-108

The article presents a historical and philosophical analysis of an important and interesting social phenomenon characterized as the expansion of women’s artistic initiatives in the visual arts related to the process of feminization. This phenomenon was considered from the point of view of the natural evolution of the world community, which is moving towards finding and approving gender equality and strengthening the role of women in the social development of society. The historical stages of development of women’s artistic initiatives in the socio-historical perspective are considered and briefly presented. The factors and conditions that determine women’s participation in the creation of cultural (artistic) samples that meet the spirit of their time are identified and generalized. Based on the conducted research, the authors present the results of their research.
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