Marasanova V. M., Albegova I. F., Shamatonova G. L. Women and professional and political organizations in the Yaroslavl province at the boundary of the XIX—XX cc. pp.60-69

The process of women’s transition from charity to creation of cultural and educational organizations in the province is considered in the article. Women’s participation in political
parties of the Yaroslavl province on the example of Esers party (S. G. Hrenkova), RSDLP (O. A. Varentsova, sisters Didrikil, etc.), Kadets (A. V. Tyrkova-Williams), the Union of Russian people (M. D. Katsaurova) is analyzed. Activity of the Union of equality of women
and Society of mutual aid of women and participation of women-workers of the industrial enterprises in trade unions and protest movement (strikes, meetings, demonstrations, distri￾bution of newspapers and leaflets of opposition parties) are described. It is shown that the beginning of the XX c. was the time of development of female consciousness and female initiative, and also gave some women experience of active political in PDF>>>