Israelian E. V., Kapustova E. I. Gender policy in contemporary Canada, p.3-14

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.1
The promotion of gender equality is an integral part of democratic change, successful economic development and stable world order. Conceptualization of the outcomes, achieved at the international and national levels, and of the existing barriers is of scientific and practical interest. Canada is one of the countries known for its developments in this area. The Liberal government headed by J. Trudeau vigorously implements the principles of gender equality in its the domestic and foreign policy. The article examines the following achievements of the Liberals: the formation of a gender-balanced Cabinet; gender-based analysis of budgets and of defence policy and the inclusion of a gender component in Canada’s foreign policy. Both domestic and foreign policy of Trudeau government expose creative approaches, innovative decisions and impressive findings. Canadian ideas and suggestions help to find solutions to some complicated and sensitive problems relating to gender equality Attention is also paid to the unsolved problems and difficulties. The bold initiatives and original solutions taken by Ottawa provide a basis for reflection, development of fresh approaches and, perhaps, for options to put these ideas into practice in other national contexts.
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