Grigorieva N. S., Zhokhova A. A. Political rhetoric of women leaders in the French presidential election campaign 2022, P. 48—58

t. In this paper, the authors were among the first to analyze the progress and results of the French presidential election campaign in 2022 from the point of view of political and gender issues. As a result of the study of the electoral programs and the statements of the female presidential candidates — Marine Le Pen, Valerie Pecresse, Anne Hidalgo and Nathalie Arthaud — the characteristic features of the political rhetoric were identified that were inherent both in general to women’s leadership in the realities of the French election campaign of 2022, and separately for each candidate. In particular, the analysis showed that in the political sphere women are able to pay attention to the most pressing social problems in France and to propose uncompromising measures for their solutions. At the same time, insufficient justification for the proposed political decisions did not allow any candidate to win the presidential elections in France in 2022. Biographies of candidates, political leaflets, texts of speeches, manifestos and publications in the media were used as empirical data for the study. Particular emphasis is placed on the historic place of the French presidential election campaign in 2022 in terms of developing women’s leadership in the country.
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