Gabaraeva M. R. Content analysis of the feminist Internet communities of Ingushetia: topics and issues, p. 52-61

The article examines the topics that are discussed in the feminist Internet communities of the Republic of Ingushetia. Over the past three years a number of feminist communities have emerged in the North Caucasian segment of the Internet. Typically most republics of the North Caucasus Federal District have just one such community each, while in Ingushetia there are three such communities. The content analysis of the posts of these com-munities allows us to conclude that there is a growing socio-cultural gap between genders. We can also say that many women are not willing to live in accordance with the ideas of traditional society. Violence against women is being discussed more and more often, and the stigmatization of this topic is gradually disappearing. Traditional family relationships do not fit into the modern realities of life, and some women do not want to marry representatives of their nationality at all. An increase in the number of divorces, a decrease in the number of marriages and a decrease in the birth rate indicate a change in the demographic situation in the region, which is still considered a stronghold of the patriarchal traditional family. read in PDF>>>