Dobrokhleb V. G. Women in Russian science as a potential for its development, p. 80-89

The purpose of this study is to consider the current human resource potential of Russian science, taking into account its gender aspect. The year 2021 has been declared the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. The problems and directions of human resources development are highly relevant. It is shown that there are four challenges in the field of human scientific potential of Russia, including: the difference in the vectors of the formation of scientific personnel in Russia and abroad; the aging of scientific personnel; the level of remuneration; insufficient attention to the gender component in science. At the same time, it should be noted that there are significantly more women researchers in Russia than in the world. For example, in 2018, only three out of ten (28,8 %) researchers worldwide were women. However, in Russia there is a gender imbalance of scientific personnel, in which the proportion of women is less than the proportion of men engaged in research. This gap continues to grow. For example, in 2016, women accounted for 66,8 % of the number of men employed in this field, and in 2019 this ratio was already 64,1 %. Special attention should be paid to the implementation of UNESCO guidelines: «On the status of research workers». read in PDF>>>