Dobrokhleb V. G., Kondakova N. A. Gender component of the demographic security of the EAEU countries, p. 4-18

The article discusses the differences in the demographic situation in the EAEU countries. The authors focus on the gender component of this issue. Problems and threats to demographic security have been identified: gender disproportionality of the population (the predominance of women over men), a significant gender difference in life expectancy, and a decrease in life expectancy among the entire population. It is shown that the following negative indicators of demographic dynamics are typical for Russia, Belarus and Armenia: depopulation; low birth rate and high death rate; low life expectancy, primarily among the male part of the population, and the aging of the population. Among the EAEU countries, the Republics of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have the highest rates of maternal mortality and the lowest rate of economic activity among women. The analysis of the EAEU countries on the dynamics of the Human Development Index, Gender Development Index and Gender Inequality Index was carried out. Read in PDF