Chilipenok Yu. Yu., Gaponova O. S., Gaponova N. S., Danilova L. S. Transformation of Russian women lifestyle in the context of exit from self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, P. 3-19

The article presents the results of the research on the peculiarities of Russian women’s lifestyle transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this second part of the research the emphasis has been placed on the women’s perception of the end of self-isolation. The key hypothesis of the research was the assumption that the main problems caused by the ending of the self-isolation regime were women’s unwillingness to change their lifestyle, which during the period of self-isolation was not limited by a rigid work schedule, and accordingly unwillingness to return to the full-time work format. The greatest benefit of the end of the self-isolation regime for Russian women who have schoolchildren was their return to full-time education. The results of the research fully or partially confirmed the proposed hypotheses and drew the main conclusion that Russian women, having gone through self-isolation and return (fully or partially) to the offline format of life and work, experienced all the classic stages of stress: denial, anger, search for compromise, despair, acceptance. The ability to overcome the problems connected with the pandemic came to women precisely at the stage of awareness and acceptance.
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