Barsukova T. I., Saenko L. A., Taisaeva B. M. The situation of women in the socio-professional relations within the regional community of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania, p. 127-141

The position of women in the regional community of North Ossetia — Alania is studied through the prism of a subjective approach. The study is based on a survey of women, their self-assessment of their position in the system of social and professional relations. The re-spondents’ answers are structured and allow to identify the main trends: women experience to some extent gender discrimination in the labor market; strive for professional development, labor activity and economic independence allows women to feel more confident; they are aimed at career advancement. Women note that the state and employers are not interested in promoting women in the profession. Having defined the factor of development of potential of professional growth and self-realization of the woman as the main criterion of an assessment of her position in system of the social and professional relations of regional community of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania, the authors developed indicators and revealed characteristics of the social and professional status of women.
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