Baibakhov N., Kanybekova K., Niyazov N., Azizbekova A. Social support of large families in modern Kazakhstan and in post-Soviet countries: sociological analysis, p. 87-94

The article examines the features and problematic aspects in the field of social support for large families in the post-Soviet space. The common features in these countries are highlighted, with more detailed consideration of the Kazakhstan case. In terms of basic measures of state support for large families, Kazakhstan is compared with such states as Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan. There carried out the analysis of comparative approaches to the definition of large families in post-Soviet countries. They are considered the conditions for submitting documents for social assistance, the amount of benefits and their ratio to the needs of the addressee, barriers and main trends in the field of social support in recent years. Attention is paid not only to material assistance, but also to the non-material side of support for large families. Read in PDF