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Kashirkina A. A., Morozov A. N. Women’s rights in modern society: the result of genesis or an objective necessity?, p.3-16

The article is devoted to the definition of the place and role of women’s rights in the civilizational catalogue of human rights from the point of view of a multifunctional ap-proach. In particular, on the basis of international legal analysis the main acts that laid the “Foundation” of legal protection of women are singled out; [...]

Titarenko L. G. Gender imbalance or growth of gender equality?, p. 17-28

Belarus ranks high in the world gender equality index. However, this does not mean that in practice gender balance has been already achieved. The process is hampered by traditional stereotypes and paternalistic rhetoric. The goal of the article is to demonstrate the gender imbalance that first of all appears as an unexpected consequence of growth [...]

Gorshkova I. D., Miryasova O. A. Gender inequality in current Russian higher education institutions, p. 29 — 44

The article presents the results of studies on how gender inequality in the sphere of so-cial and labor relations is recognized and perceived by University teaching employees against the background of the ongoing neotraditionalist crackdown and in the conditions of optimiza-tion of higher education (job cuts, fragmentation of rates, unstable employment, increased teaching load, bureaucratization, [...]

Rychikhina N. S. Modern trends of women’s international labor migration, p. 45-54

In the modern world the majority of the countries aim at enrolment of qualified spe-cialists. This makes it possible for qualified and highly competent women succeed in com-peting at a labor market both at home and abroad. The gender theory of migration considers the independent labor migration of women to be the main trend nowadays. [...]

Klyuchko O. I., Chekalina A. A., Ioffe E. V., Erofeeva M. A., Sukhareva N. F., Samosadova E. V. Gender transformations in the views of Russian youth, p. 55-69

The article presents the results of an empirical study on the ideas of Russian students representing mega- and provincial cities about gender transformations in the roles and qualities of modern men and women. The respondents’ views recorded changes in the gender roles of modern men and women, expanding the range of their behavior, as well [...]

Arkhireeva T. V. Men-who-have-children image of the ideal father, p. 70-84

The article presents the results of an empirical study of the image of the ideal father in men with children. The father image recorded ideas about the nature of fatherhood, and it contains normative elements indicating the purpose of the father, the samples of the personality that should be imitated. The main purpose of the [...]

Smirnova O. V. Safety representations in youth: a sex and gender aspect , p. 85-100

Researches of personality (as a subject of psychological security) features are interested in views on security. The system of a person’s views of the world from a security standpoint creates the opportunities and resources with which a person overcomes various adverse environmental influences, and forms his/her idea of self-worth and subjective well-being. The article contains [...]

Savinov L. I., Solovyeva T. V., Bistyaykina D. A., Karaseva A. S. Socio-cultural determination of late fertility measures and family-demographic policy of birth rate (On materials of the Republic of Mordovia), p. 101-112

The article presents the results of theoretical and empirical study of the problem of postponing childbearing by women of childbearing age from 18 to 44 years in the Republic of Mordovia. The characteristics of the Russian specificity of delayed childbearing by women are given. The factors promoting this process, including those existing at the level [...]

Dzutsev Kh. V., Dibirova A. P. Gender aspect in the spiritual life of the North Caucasus republics population, p. 113-126

The present article uses the data collected during the summer of 2017 in a course of the large scale survey in the republics of the North Caucasus Federal District of the Russian Federation, namely, the Chechen Republic, the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic, Republics of North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia, Dagestan, and Kabardino-Balkaria. The survey was con-ducted by the Center [...]

Severceva O. V. Daily life of women industrial workers of St. Petersburg in the second half of the XIX — the beginning of the XX c. in the Soviet historiography, p. 127-136

The article analyzes the historiography of the Soviet period on the daily life of women-workers of industrial St. Petersburg in the second half of the XIX — early XX c. Soviet historians tried to reflect in their studies the real life of women workers in factories and factories. Censorship, which existed in the USSR, often [...]

Navolotskaya D. I. E. Vinogradova as a public figure: the image of the Soviet celebrity in the press 1935—1936, p. 137-150

This article considers the image of stakhanovka E. Vinogradova as a Soviet celebrity. The analysis of Vinogradova’s representations in the press reveals the features of the Soviet celebrity culture, as well as patriarchal nature of the Soviet society. Being similar to celebrity culture of the capitalist countries in many respects, Soviet celebrity culture did not [...]