Woman in russian society

Riabov O. V., Riabova T. B. The «Soviet Motherland» as the Cold War concept. The mother symbol of the country in the Soviet popular songs, р. 4-22

The paper deals with the analysis of using the Motherland symbol by the Soviet popular songs in order to represent the Cold War issues. Using quantitative and qualitative content analysis, the authors examine more than 1500 Soviet songs (1946—1991); 350 of them employ this symbol. The article demonstrates that the Soviet Motherland served as one [...]

Rebrey S. M., Bogacheva V. V. Women‘s position in the Republic of Korea: an axial institutions index, р. 23-39

The Republic of Korea is one of the developed economies claiming world leadership in the markets of high-tech products and in the field of scientific and technical achievements. However, at the same time, the country ranks low in the rankings of gender equality, the problem which is so complex that it affects all spheres of [...]

Vishnevsky Y. R., Didkovskaya Y. V., Zyryanova O. B. Matrimonyal and reproductive attitudes of youth in the context of young family safety, р. 40-55

The article, based on statistical data, secondary analysis of sociological research and the results of the authors‘ own research — sociological monitoring of Yekaterinburg students in 1999—2020, substantiates the need to abandon the hyperbolic interpretation of a number of threats in the marriage, family and demographic sphere. The authors also examine how these threats relate [...]

Rostovskayа T. K., Kuchmaeva O. V. Demographic structure of families: genesis of the methodological approach, р. 56-74

Under conditions of the demographic instability, taking into account the existing negative trends in demographic processes in terms of population reproduction, it is relevant to analyze the structure of families and the processes of their formation using materials from population censuses of various periods. The purpose of the study is to identify the transformation of [...]

Mitsyuk N. A., Pushkareva N. L., Mukhina Z. Z. «Women‘s liberation» and family policy of the 1918—1920s: acquisitions and costs, р. 75-92

The authors analyzed social policy related to the protection of motherhood and infancy in the 1918—1920s in one of the regions of Russia. The research is based on a wide range of archival materials. It was found that, despite the conceptual and theoretical progressiveness, social policy in the first years of Soviet power did not [...]

Suleimanova R. N. «Due consideration for mothers of many children». How the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council of 1944 was implemented in the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, р. 93-102

The article is devoted to the study of the activities of government bodies for state support of mothers and children in the period 1945—1947 using the example of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Based on archival documents and published sources, the activities of the leadership of the republic and local authorities in providing assistance [...]

Belova A. V. Professional, personal and everyday aspects in women‘s autobiographical memory (Based on the example of records of a female resident of Tver in the mid-1970s) ., р. 103-119

The article examines the phenomenon of women‘s autobiographical memory in the context of problems of women‘s social and family memory. Based on the methodological approaches of women‘s history, the social anthropology of women‘s everyday life, interdisciplinary studies of memory, and the anthropology of memory, the subject of special study was the gender characteristics of memory [...]

Popova O. D. Cookbooks and nutrition practices in Soviet women‘s everyday life of the 1960s, р. 120-139

The article examines cookbooks and nutrition practices during the Khrushchev period. They became a vivid reflection of the contradictory steps taken by the authorities in social policy. At that time, official propaganda assigned a dual function to women: a participant in social production and a keeper of the hearth, who was supposed to run the [...]

Andryushina E. V., Grigorieva N. S. Current approaches to the study of inequality between women and men in modern society, р. 140-144

The article analyzes the results of the international round table Gender research in modern science: from theory to practice, held within the framework of the XX International Conference Public Administration in New Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Conditions (Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, December 6, 2023). The purpose of the event is to identify and characterize modern [...]