Woman in russian society

Shvedova N. A. The Sustainable Development Goals: a focus on women in the world, р. 3-13

“The world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030”, says UN Women’s “Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Snapshot 2022” pa-per. It contains data on gender equality for all 17 goals, pointing to “a long way to go to achieve gender equality”. It shows the relationship between the goals and highlights [...]

Chernykh E. A., Nazarova U. A., Loktyukhina N. V. Women with family responsibilities in the Russian labor market: features of labor behavior and improvement of employment policy, р. 14-36

The article analyzes the features of the labor behavior typical of women with family responsibilities. A typology of 5 kinds of female employment has been developed according to the degree of immersion in work. It is shown that women evaluate the complex of benefits from employment in the context of their comparison with the compensating [...]

Suharnanik S., Yuliarini S., Endrayana Putut Laksminto E. Analysis of Gender Development Index to prove its correlation with the decrease of poverty line in Kediri City, Indonesia, р. 37-46

Gender is a society’s perspective to differ men and women in term of their behavior which can be characterized through culture and religion values. This study aims to determine the close relationship between the Gender Development Index and the Poverty Line. This study used the Pearson Product Moment Correlation test tool to find the relationship [...]

Mozgovaya A. V. Women’s adaptation to social changes: resource potential, р. 47-59

The subject of analysis in this article is the resource aspect of the balance of opportunities for men and women in the process of adaptation to a changing environment. The relevance of developments in the field of analysis of adaptation resources of various categories of the population as a whole increases as countries go through [...]

Smeyukha V. V., Kuzmina O. G., Khoroshevskaya Yu. P. Reflection of the transformation of gender stereotypes in modern women’s magazines, p. 60-79

The article deals with the topic of gender stereotypes transformation in the reflection of modern women’s magazines. The women’s press is a popular type of media that contributes both to the spread of gender stereotypes and to their maintenance; it also creates popular gender images and roles. The authors analyzed four publications: “Cosmopolitan”1, “Elle”2, “Domashniy [...]

Rebrey S. M., Komissarova Zh. N., Kiseleva I. V., Pastukhova D. R. Stimulation of birth rate amid women’s empowerment: relevant family and labor policy instruments, p. 80-93

The article presents a critical analysis of family and labor policy instruments evolution and their impact on the birth rate and woman empowerment in postindustrial economies (Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, etc.). The authors have looked into such tools as state parental leave, including a non-transferable one, state support for families with children, [...]

Kislitsina O. A., Chubarova T. V. Factors influencing Russians’ applications for medical assistance: gender aspect, p. 94-108

Seeking medical care is one of the indicators of ensuring the health of the Russian population, which is considered an important element of human potential. The purpose of the study was to use a gender approach on a large set of data representative at the national level to assess the use of medical care in [...]

Kudzieva F. S., Chikhtisov R. A., Gabueva A. R. Sociаl and cultural adaptation of women in interethnic marriage in the North Caucasus, p. 109-119

The results of the study of the sociаl and cultural adaptation of women in interethnic marriage in the North Caucasus found that the preference for a biethnic family organization (marrying representatives of other cultures) results in a number of personal difficulties. The clash of different ideas about the world, mentalities, and moral norms leads to [...]

Gafizova N. B., Tsalko E. O. Perception of childlessness by modern youth (Regional aspect), p. 120-132

In modern Russian society, there is a steady upward trend in attitudes towards childlessness. Young people are especially susceptible to this. The authors analyze perceptions of voluntary and involuntary childlessness based on a series of focus group interviews conducted among students in the Ivanovo region. The study showed that family and children are still important [...]

Pushkareva N. L. Review оf: Engel B. Women in Russia 1700—2000. St. Petersburg; Boston: Bibliorossica: Academic Studies Press, 2023, p. 133-137

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